Monday, December 11, 2017
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Karen Turner, Turner Efficiency Coaching

This past week, I had the pleasure of learning from Karen Turner on how to use my Outlook mail and contact management system like it was meant to be used. I realized that I had a Ferrari which I had been driving like a Volkswagen!!

We conveniently worked over the phone and internet and I found Karen’s style clear, systematic, focused, and supportive. With great encouragement and expertise, she navigated me through Outlook to create a tight, streamlined and manageable system, and I would highly recommend this service to all those looking to reclaim the most precious commodity in the world – your TIME!


John Salt, Jones & Salt Insurance

Upon purchasing a new vehicle for our family, I contacted John’s office for insurance coverage. Although John was away, Sarah at his office was excellent in advising me as to the best way to arrange for insurance, getting me a multi-car discount in the process, and within a couple of hours, sending me the paperwork and insurance needed so I could pick up my new car. Buying a new car is a big decision and can be stressful, and dealing with John’s office certainly helped me to know that regarding insurance, there was nothing to be stressed about! I highly recommend Jones and Salt for all of your insurance needs!


Andrew Robinson, Precision Hyundai

This past week, I finally convinced my   elderly mom to get another vehicle as her 23 year old Honda was, well old! I visited Precision and immediately, they understood my needs and connected me to an awesome vehicle, at an awesome price (didn’t even have to haggle!!), and the synergy of service between the various departments in getting everything ready for me, including the installation of a Block Heater which had not been part of the deal but which Omar, the manager of the pre-owned vehicle department graciously had installed for me the same day, was seamless. It was a pleasure dealing with staff that is both professional and positive. I highly recommend Precision Hyundai if service and value are important to you in purchasing your next vehicle!


Tonya Lailey, Lailey Vineyard

Being at the Lailey Wine dinner event felt like I was transported to a small European town. The sampling of wines, the story of it’s origins and the pairing of culinary surprises took me on a journey.

The people, the place, and the flavors all came together in a brilliant sensory experience. Tonya’s ability to share her knowledge so we can be wine wise, and have fun made the experience a 10! Looking forward to learning more at the next educational adventure with Lailey Wines.


Workplace Speaker Network

Thanks to Denise Baril and the WSN for arranging for me to speak at the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce' .... event in January. I had a chance to meet members of a vibrant and growing business community and deliver a message that, from the feedback I received, was very helpful to everyone in attendance.

However, more than just the ability to deliver a message and make connections, this event opened my eyes to a key concept that Denise is always focusing on. I.e. Concentrate on delivering value, and the results will always follow. What I found is, although the training I delivered was free (i.e. I didn't charge to speak), the value of what was delivered was clear to those in attendance and has led to the busiest month for our business in over 18 months. We not only sent out proposals to almost 25% of the audience in attendance, but also got invited to work with the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce as well as the Airdrie Home & Lifestyle Show to help promote their events in the future.

All of this from one single speaking / training engagement promoted by the WSN. Thanks again for the opportunity and the exposure, and I can't wait to see what comes of not just the business and exposure as a result of this talk but future talks and events as well.


Jesse Stein, Landmark Collaborative Health

I had been struggling with some relatively minor health issues for over a year when I met Jesse Stein.  Although I had been to my doctor numerous times for the same concerns and had various tests, I had been told that there was nothing wrong.  After learning about Landmark and with Jesse’s encouragement, I hesitantly participated in their full evaluation.  The time and attention dedicated to me and my concerns were remarkable.  An issue was found and through treatment, I am feeling 100% better.  I cannot express how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to join Landmark and have since registered my children.

Thanks Jesse!


John Salt, Jones & Salt Insurance

John has secured insurance at competitive rates with little or no hassle.  For an industry overrun with paper work, John and his team have managed to spare me from filling most of it out.

Dr. Jeff Scholten, Chiropractor

Following a life-threatening car accident, extreme back pain forced me to go and see Jeff.  As a person who absolutely believed chiropractors were not for her, this last ditch option was the right one.  Jeff had me standing up and pain-free in a remarkable period of time.  Years later, if I’m not feeling great, I see him once or twice and voila – as good as new!

Anne-Marie Veress, Atlas Translating Services

Enthusiastic and always with a smile is my experience of working with Anne-Marie.

Dr. Brent MacDonald - Dentist

Brent is a thoughtful, caring individual who knows his profession and is willing to patiently explain and discuss issues.

Andrew Robinson, Precision Hyundai

Andrew is always positive and customer service oriented, open to new ideas and new ways of doing things and offers thoughtful, relevant feedback.  His Parts Department is responsive, knowledgeable and keeps the customer informed as to the progress of their vehicle.

Wendy Giuffre, Wendy Ellen Inc.

A client I was working with was faced with a difficult HR issue, I put them in contact with Wendy.  When I next met with the client his first comment when I next was “that Wendy, she is some women!”.  It was immensely pleasing to see the company’s performance grow as their HR skills grew.

I had been working with a family business for a while and recommend they used Wendy’s services  After their first session with Wendy their comment was “That Wendy is a godsend, why didn’t you tell us about her earlier!”.

To my great relief, Wendy has taken on our company’s human resources.  From creating policies and ensuring their smooth implementation, from critiquing my performance as a leader to helping our team work more closely together, Wendy’s expertise is valued far beyond what money can buy.


Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing

The CEA has been an important part in the growth of our business. Not only do we get quality referrals for new business but we also have a great network of suppliers and service providers we can rely on when we need help. (Web Candy a Calgary Web Design Company)


Great source of revenue and community

The CEA has been a great source of revenue and community. A must for any small business owner.


Kelly Laverty, Focal Point Business Coaching

Kelly Laverty of Focal Point Business Coaching has provided professional services in regards to assisting Sign-A Rama with business planning, sales and marketing and goal setting. It is a pleasure working with Kelly and we appreciate all his efforts and the knowledge he brings to helping our business achieve its goals.

Dynamic and fun group of Calgary professionals

The CEA has introduced me to a dynamic and fun group of Calgary professionals.


Ron Kurczaba, Riddell Kurczaba Architecture

Riddell Kurczaba Architecture designed my new kitchen and was instrumental in saving me lots of money. They gave very professional service.

Ron is a knowledgeable colleague with a broad business perspective and talking with him is always interesting and informative.


Beat Schmassmann, A Splendid Affair

A Splendid Affair catered our Christmas event. The food and service were excellent. There were severe weather challenges that evening and despite those challenges, there were there and ready to party.

Beat is extremely knowledgeable about food and willing to share his thoughts and ideas so the client receives the best fit for their requirements.


Faisal Tariq, Minuteman Press

I have used the services of Minuteman Press – Beltline and found his level of service and product to be first class. His ability to communicate in a clear, concise and effective manner ensures the work is done correctly and on time.

Faisal is determined to have happy customers and goes out of his way in terms of turnaround time, effort and quality workmanship.


The CEA members are wonderfully supportive

The CEA members are wonderfully supportive of each other and are a continuous source of advice, information and business referrals. My membership costs are repaid many times over by the value of the business and support I receive from my colleagues.

Member of the CEA since 1993

I have been a member of the CEA since 1993. I believe in networking and the 80/20 rule. The CEA is the best association of its kind that I have belonged to. It is supremely well run and the fact that it belongs to an international network across North America, it expands your business exponentially. It is a truly rewarding experience.

Michele Morie, J.M. Morie Advertising

J.M. Morie Advertising has helped me in many occasions in deciding on the proper promotional products. They are on-time, on budget and provide great service again and again.

Joining the CEA

Joining the CEA has put me in contact with like-minded business people and access to numerous products and services of the highest standards.  However, what I value most is the 50 plus business people advocating for my business and helping it grow.


Brent Schille, Total Communications Services Inc.

We had 5 different companies that worked on our project and the best service and value was provided by Total Communications Services Inc. They were always on time, on budget, and very pro-active in providing solutions to any problems that were encountered.  Best of all, their inter office communications ensured every one knew about each stage of our project and prompt action was ensured.  I highly recommend them for any project, big or small.

Brent is easy to approach, often adds a smart remark to make business situations enjoyable. This coupled with his broad and yet in-depth knowledge of his area of specialty is a great combination for a client who wants great customized service.  Working with him is a great experience as he is so knowledgeable and a lot of fun – a great package.


Nan Stevenson, Lamoureux Woolstencroft Stevenson

Whether personal or business, Nan Stevenson of Lamoureux Woolstencroft Stevenson LLP provides in-depth analysis in all complex or simple legal matters.  Her insights on any legal matters are worth every dollar.  Her eagerness to help and go beyond her way to assist people is cherished by all who know her. I highly recommend her and her law firm in any legal matters that one might have.

When I need legal advice, particularly for business, it’s Nan’s number I call.  She’s got a level head, good business sense and strong legal knowledge.  Nan combines her legal knowledge with business acumen with common sense so I get a smart, straight forward, business solution that makes sense.


Karen Turner, Turner Efficiency Coaching

I thought I was an organized person and made the most of my smart phone.  I spent only one hour with Turner Efficiency and had a whole new understanding of my device as well as some additional organizational skills that have worked for me on a daily basis.  Thanks Karen and team!

My office felt pretty functional to me before Karen came to consult.  However, it is now so streamlined that my husband, visitors and even the cleaning lady have remarked about how nice it looks.  It is so easy to keep it clean.  The best part is that it is totally functional.  With a new way to keep track of tasks, different inboxes for business and personal issues, along with major sorting and several other suggestions, I now know where to find everything without needing piles on the desk to remind me.   I have already recommended Karen to several others and will continue to do so.  Dr. Teeya Scholten.

Is one of those rare companies, when they talk about efficiency they know what they are talking about.  The session I spent with Turner Efficiency markedly improved my workspace, my use of Outlook and my smart phone all contributing to me saving time so I know have more time to spend with my family.


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